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At Square One Factory we pride ourselves on quality workmanship when it comes to restoring your treasured piece, whether it be from a classic motor vehicle or a part from your everyday machinery.

We will take that rusted, corroded, oil covered or even a just plain dirty component, carefully clean it with the aim of taking it back to “Square One”.

How we do this starts from the moment you bring your part to our factory.

When we receive it is when the planning starts with accessing the piece to determine the appropriate process and then planning the appropriate media to ensure the desired finish.

Contact us for a competitive quote and If you cant bring your part in that’s ok, we can arrange a courier for pick up and delivery.

We are conveniently located in Sunshine West, just minutes from the city.

If you are planning on visiting us, book a time by calling 03 931 43413 or 041 2311 199 as we may be out on deliveries.