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High-quality Industrial Blasting Service in Melbourne

Square One Factory is your one-stop solution for industrial blasting service. Our professionals clean your equipment using advanced sandblasting technology. We clean the rust, dust, oil, corrosion, and other dirty components from your industrial equipment and bring it back to “Square One”, so to speak.

Get High-end Industrial Sandblasting in Melbourne:

We clean all types of industrial equipment and ensure that they maintain their full functionality. Our advanced metal cleaning process removes paints, oils, and other substances safely from different kinds of metal surfaces. We guarantee that your machinery or equipment remains intact throughout the cleaning process and you get it back thoroughly cleaned. With our industrial sandblasting in Melbourne, the longevity and efficiency of your machinery parts or industrial equipment improves.

Our Services are Available for the Following Industries:

  • Power
  • Mining
  • Refining
  • Chemical
  • Automotive
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Metals
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Manufacturing
  • Food Processing
  • Construction
  • Engineering

Most Trusted Industrial Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner:

As a leading Industrial Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner, our cleaning services are available to an extensive range of parts and equipment across various industries. From cleaning the mechanical parts of the textile industry to clean production accessories used in food production, our service range is extensive.

Get Affordable Industrial Water Blasting in Melbourne:

As a leading industrial water blasting service provider in Melbourne, we value your money. We ensure that you get industrial water blasting in Melbourne at an affordable price. We clean all engine parts of the aerospace industry including but not limited to engine cases, conrods, cranks, heads, barrels, pistons, gearboxes and carburettors for engine rebuilders/restorers.

Why Choose Us?

Square One Factory is your ultimate destination for high-quality industrial blasting services. We ensure that you get timely and affordable services and ensure that you face minimum downtime. If you cannot bring your parts to us, we can arrange a courier for pick up and delivery. 

Kindly reach out to us by calling 03 931 43413 or 041 2311 199 or email us at