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Sandblasting Services

There are techniques used to clean and polish the surface of the equipment in various industries. These cleaning methods are carried out to ensure that the machine continues to function. Apart from that, these processes are performed to extend the service life of industrial materials.

At Square One Factory, we have the experience, knowledge and equipment to get your equipment’s surface back to its original surface. We specialise in providing sandblasting services in Melbourne to remove contaminants from parts, equipment, machinery, motorcycle frames, or any metal surface.

Our Sandblasting Process Covers All Surfaces and Services

As one of the abrasive blasting service providers in Melbourne, we provide a quality metal cleaning process that safely removes paints, oils, and other substances from a number of different metal surfaces. This is a speedy way to clean pipes and machinery without damaging the underlying metal. We also perform our sandblasting service on old classic cars parts and other vehicles to prepare them for restoration.

A Cost-Effective Surface Cleaning Process

Abrasive blasting gives you the ability to combine surface cleaning and finishing into one cost-effective process. With abrasive blasting, high pressure is used to propel a stream of abrasive media against a surface to remove contaminants and alter the shape or texture if desired. Square One Factory is your source for the best abrasive blasting services in Melbourne.

As a leading sandblasting specialist in Melbourne, we offer the flexibility to tailor the process to meet your specific cleaning and finishing requirements.

At The Forefront of Technological Advancement ​

With innovative equipment and services solutions, Square One Factory remains at the forefront of technological advancement in sandblasting. Our advanced machines are environmentally friendly and feature ergonomic designs for safer operator interaction.

As an innovative provider of sandblasting services in Sunshine West, Square One Factory offers unmatched experience, expertise and cutting-edge surface preparation solutions. Contact us today to know more how we can help.