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Auto Restoration Service

We all love our old cars as we are used to the features and comfort they provide. That’s why we still install aftermarket air conditioning and heating ranks to get the performance we desire. Disc brake conversions and steering system upgrades and restoration are also on the bucket list of many classic car owners. Let the Square One Factory car restoration be the solution to your car restoration needs.

From custom interiors, custom paint, and metal fabrication to the latest technical advances in auto restoration and refurbishment, we have what you need – quality craftsmanship and
attention to detail.

Upgrade your classic car with current technology and make it better than new. Our quality auto restoration service in Melbourne will increase the value of your automobile.

Why Our Auto Restoration Service Unique?

Customised service, timely delivery and in a budget; the response you can expect – from our top-notch auto restoration service.

Square One Factory team is dedicated to transforming clunkers to show quality vehicle – one bolt at a time. Restore and cherish your old car today.

Affordable Auto Restorations and Refurbishment Service

When you are searching for quality automotive restorations, you can always count on the professionals at Square One Factory. With our cost-effective services and a long list of advanced auto restoration technology, we handle any make, model, or year of vehicle.

Custom Restoration Work and Performance Upgrades

Whether you have a classic or antique car, we have the right service for you. With our restorations, we disassemble and rebuild your vehicle to original specifications.

At Square One Factory, we have a complete line of automotive restoration and repair services. Restoring, repairing classic cars and trucks is what we do, and we are proud of it! Our professional technicians have the expertise, knowledge, and equipment to take your classic car or truck from the planning stages to show-stopping look.

We work with our in-house auto restoration specialists in Melbourne and restore the car through each phase of the process.

Our restoration services include:

Our skilled staff of technicians can meet your auto-body needs. From auto panel replacement to custom metal fabrication we do it all. If your vintage vehicle needs a panel no longer available or custom body lines are what you desire; we’ve done it.

  • mechanical parts and bodywork
  • complete or partial frame restoration
  • sandblasting
  • engine compartment and undercarriage detailing

Talk to us today and let our professionals handle your automotive restorations needs.