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Ultrasonic cleaning is a revolutionary cleaning process that uses sound waves to clean dirt, debris and unhealthy contaminants. It is a safe and cost-effective way to clean machine parts and industrial items. It can help save on replacement costs.

At Square One Factory, we provide ultrasonic cleaning services – the fastest and most effective method available for cleaning and completely derusting machine parts, stock (injection moulding, tools, gear parts) and semi-finished products.


Ultrasonic Cleaning: The Process

The secret recipe for ultrasonic cleaning is a process, known as Cavitation. It is the continuous formation and collapse of millions of microscopic bubbles in a liquid solution. These bubbles form over the entire surface of the part and penetrate into every niche and crevice.


How Does It Clean?

The process of formation of microscopic bubbles lifts all contaminants from almost every surface. That makes ultrasonics an extremely efficient cleaning method available. It does not scratch, pit or damage parts the way other conventional cleaning methods can.


What Parts Can Be Ultrasonically Cleaned? No scrubbing is necessary!

The fantastic Ultrasonic cleaning technology is powerful enough to clean robust mould, soot and smoke damaged machine parts, yet it is gentle enough that it will not scratch, scar, or break items from the ultrasound.

In Ultrasonic Cleaning, objects are immersed in a specially formulated solution. Mould, soot, smoke, and odour are lifted away. The items are then restored back to original and working condition.

Electrical appliances; computers; printers; machine, automotive and motorcycle parts; light diffusers; shades; draperies, area rugs and much more can be cleaned using Ultrasonic Cleaning.

By working with Square One Factory, you can get your parts thoroughly cleaned and our process will reduce or eliminate the need for hazardous cleaning chemicals on your premises. Our Ultrasonic Cleaning services can remove Dirt, Dust. Grease, Oil, Carbon deposits, fingerprints, polishing compounds and other contaminants.

Our Reliable Ultrasonic Cleaning Service is best suited for:

  • Cleaning components and machine parts in a wide range of shapes and sizes
  • Removing tightly adhered particles from solid surfaces
  • Penetrating blind holes, cracks, and recesses
  • Deep cleaning complex parts

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