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An easy and quick way of restoring vintage parts:

If you’re looking to restore an item to its former glory in Melbourne, vapour blasting in Melbourne is the answer. Vapour blasting uses a high-pressure stream of water and abrasive particles to remove dirt, grime and corrosion from surfaces. It’s a delicate process that won’t damage your item and can even help to improve its appearance.


Why Should You Get Professional Vapour Blasting Services in and around Melbourne?

If you’re considering professional vapour blasting services, here are some of the benefits you could enjoy:

Improved appearance: Vapour blasting can help to restore an item’s original finish, making it look new again.

Improved performance: Vapour blasting can also remove build-ups of dirt and grime that impede an item’s performance.

Increased lifespan: By removing corrosion and other damaging build-ups, vapour blasting can help to extend an item’s lifespan.

So, if you’re looking to restore your cherished item to its former glory, we at Square One Factory offer vapour blasting in Melbourne.


Get Reliable Vapour Blasting Services to Restore Your Beloved Object to "Square One."

At Square One Factory, we take great satisfaction in our ability to restore your cherished object, whether it comes from a vintage car or a part of your everyday machinery, by using vapour blasting. We offer vapour blasting services all across Melbourne that can help improve the appearance and condition of your items.

We will thoroughly clean that part that is rusted, corroded, oil-covered, or even just plain unclean to return it to “Square One.”

Contact us if you would like a competitive price or cannot pick up your part in person. We can arrange for a courier to pick it up and deliver it. Please email us at or phone us directly at 03 931 43413.