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Hydroblasting Services (Aqua Blasting)

Hydroblasting is one of the most effective cleaning processes used by many professionals in industries including

Wheels, springs, engine parts, door hinges, motorcycle fork legs, manifolds, rocket covers and fuel tanks


Mechanical Engineering

All mechanical components


Engine Rebuilders/Restorers

Engine cases, conrods, cranks, heads, barrels, pistons, gearboxes and carburettors



Including all engine parts


Household Items

Any metal that requires paint or rust removed

Also, sometimes known as Water Blasting or Aqua Blasting, our Hydroblasting Services is cabinet based where high-pressure water mixed with an abrasive is used to remove all contaminants including all greases, oils, rust and paint.

Hydroblasting gives a superior finished due to the nature of the process with the abrasive mixing with water. It not only cleans but creates a metal polishing effect without pitting or removing metal from the surface. This makes it ideal for components where accurate measurements are important.

At Square One Factory our staff are fully trained to produce the best result ensuring not only a brilliant finish but in a timely manner therefore keeping costs down.

We like to build relationships with our customers discussing the best way to get your desired result and ensuring every job completed is to your full satisfaction. This is so you will keep coming back and refer your family and friends.

We guarantee our work so if you are not happy with the result even after its left our factory we will re do it free of charge until you are satisfied. That said we have never had anyone return their part which shows how extremely fussy we are with the finished product.

We also provide a pick up and drop off service by appointment throughout Melbourne saving you precious time.

Do you like to be a little more involved if so you can visit our factory and see the equipment that will be used to clean your part.

If you are looking for a superior finish, then you should include Hydroblasting in your restoration project.

So, give us a try and call for a quote.